Here is your one-page summary that identifies your current wellness and the next best steps towards your wellbeing. Based on your answers, we have determined what you need to remove, rebuild or restore to strengthen your weakest wellness pillars and reach long term wellbeing.



We know that there’s a lot to take in, but don’t worry – we’ll send you an email that includes a link to these results. Over the next few days, our founder, Simone Laubscher (PhD) will guide you through your Wellness Profile and unpack the Seven Pillars of Wellness.



Significant changes start with small steps. Do not try to change everything this week. Keep your Wellness Profile as a point of reference and decide on the one goal to focus on today. If it’s hard to choose, pick the one with the lowest score.

HINT: Values closer to the middle of the diagram indicates a weak pillar, the pillars with value around the edge of the diagram is your stronger pillars. All recommendations have one goal: to strengthen your health in each pillar of wellness. 



Your answers form the base for the advice and recommended supplements to strengthen your health. We have listed the top supplements for each pillar in a box at the end. We’re confident that you’ll see results with our supplements which is why we’ll give you 20% discount off your first order. Spend £60 or more using the code PILLAR at checkout for a 20% DISCOUNT TODAY. 


Let’s start with your diagram to identify your weak pillars. 


Now more than ever in our current environment it is key to use food as medicine to support all of our 11 Body Systems including our immune system. Our bodies need whole-food nutrition now more than ever, clean water, married in with herbs, spices & herbal teas.
  • How often do you drink soda drinks?

    Drinking a soda monthly (either if it is diet or regular) will not cause any vast issues for your health. Still, it is always better to choose sparkling water, and fresh juice over a lemonade/cola option for even the sugar options are toxic for your health.

  • How often do you eat sugar or use diet sugar?

    Eating sugar daily (diet or regular) is detrimental to your health. Sugar is more addictive than class A drugs so you must take care with sugar and the diet sugar varieties. Real sugar will not only cause teeth issues but also cause inflammation and increase the risk of obesity, cancer, eating disorders and diabetes. It can also lead to other addictions such as alcohol. Diet sugar has been linked to obesity, cancer, eating disorders and digestive problems. To help wean you off your sugar increase your protein at each meal, only choose low GI foods and add in 2 Thermo Metabolic Support Capsules with breakfast and 2 Blood Sugar Support Capsules with lunch.

  • How often do you eat gluten?

    Daily gluten ingestion will cause inflammation in the gut and can impair your digestion. If you have IBS or any gut-related problems, eating gluten, even daily will cause more problems. Best to stay off gluten until your gut is healed and then add it in slowly. Eating gluten every day means you'll need to do our 30 Day Reset Pack or Digestive Cleanse Pack to heal and reset your digestive system regularly. Moving forward when you go back to eating gluten (after 1-2 months) best to always take 2 Digestive Support Capsules before any treat or gluten meal.

  • How often do you eat dairy?

    Eating dairy weekly will not cause any huge issues for your health. If you choose to treat yourself with dairy, do enjoy it but opt for the organic varieties as they have no added hormones and will cause less inflammation. Organic kefir is the best option as they are high in probiotics to support your gut microbiome and immune system. If you tend to get mucus after eating dairy best to take 2 Digestive Support Capsules before any treat meal that has dairy.

  • How often do you eat organic food?

    Eating organic foods weekly will have a positive impact on your health, and it is a good start. As you probably already know, the chemicals and pesticides used in our environment get absorbed through your skin and digestive system and go directly into your bloodstream. Such chemicals need to be processed by your liver and kidneys. If the body can't handle the toxic load, they will be dumped into the skin, which can lead to skin conditions, premature ageing, suppressed immune system and mineral deficiencies leading to disease. Pesticides have also been linked to cancer, Alzheimer's, chronic fatigue, stated growth, digestive issues and mental illness/mood disorders.

    It is wise to switch to organic food to reduce your overall toxic load. If this is difficult, at least start buying organic products where you eat the skin (tomatoes, apples, lettuce). If you have limited access to organic food at least switch from meat to plants. Non-organic meat is high in hormones, disrupts your hormones and endocrine system and is linked to hormone-related cancers.

    If buying organic food is difficult, start taking supplements like the Super Greens Powder, Sea & Soil Super Greens Capsules, Organic Turmeric Blend and Antioxidant Capsules as all of these balance out the nasties.

  • How often do you drink caffeinated drinks

    Having daily caffeine in your diet will eventually cause your 11 body systems to go out of balance. If you suffer from high blood pressure, inflammation, fatigue, mood disorders, belly fat, irritability, hormones issues, skin issues, anxiety or live under high stress, it is best to avoid coffee and have it only once a week as a treat instead of a daily staple.

    Coffee is very toxic for the liver and may cause reduced liver function, which can lead to weight gain. Gradually reducing coffee is better than stopping 'cold turkey' as you'll potentially have headaches and a detox reaction.

    To support this journey take Super Greens Powder or Sea & Soil Super Greens Capsules, Liver Support Capsules , Organic Turmeric Blend and/or Antioxidant Capsules will greatly support your system to be able to deal with coffee and any other toxic load for that matter. Our Liver Cleanse Pack or Liver Flush Essentials Pack will help your journey to do a thorough liver cleanse.


Fear and stress tend to shut the immune system down and the body goes into fight or flight thinking that real physical danger is right in front of you. This primal reaction is wonderful if you do indeed have a tiger in front of you but not great if it’s emotional stress like most are experiencing at the moment.

To fully understand the power of your thinking and being mindful, we recommend the books The Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton and You Are the Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza. These books will help you to handle stress, anxiety, depression and moodiness or irritation. But more than that, they will help you see the power of your mind and how your thoughts affect multiple aspects of your everyday life and long term goals. 

  • How often are you stressed?

    Your body can handle experiencing a moment or two in stress mode each day. Still, suppose you are living in constant emergency mode. In that case, your system is unable to rest and stay in a place of healing and regeneration. This means that your body is always expecting danger and life-threatening situation which affects all of your systems. The result is that your circulation, digestion, detox pathways, hormones and all of your 11 systems slow down and suppress your immune system leading to an increased risk of disease.

    Try to identify your daily stress triggers so you can better manage your stress. When you feel your stress levels rising, use your breathing to exhale out the stress to literally take a step back and move out of that energy which is creating a high-stress response. If you feel it is hard to control your stress, then you can add 2 Adrenal Stress Complex Capsules per day with breakfast.

  • How often are you depressed or anxious?

    Feeling depressed or anxious each day confirms you are out of balance, and this is a key area of your life that needs attention.

    Try to identify what the trigger is that is causing your mood issues each day. Try to use your breathing to slow down and literally take a step back to move out of that energy which is creating a high-stress response.

    Walking barefoot / grounding, spending time in nature, gratitude, and laughter is wonderful to reduce your stress levels. It is also important to start each day with meditation or prayer. Hence, you practice being in a state of calm to think on purpose to bring your mind ad body into a place of peace and healing. Find a qualified friend or professional to talk to if you can. Get help.

    If you feel it is hard to control your stress, then you can add into your diet 2 Adrenal Stress Complex Capsules & 2 Brain Support Capsules per day with breakfast and 2 with lunch. These supplements have adaptogenic herbs and natural neurotransmitters to support your nervous system and help you deal with stress each day.

    Diet is also key to your mood, so it is best to cut our sugar, alcohol gluten and dairy for one month and reduce caffeine to 1x per day maximum. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is also helpful to treat depression and anxiety.

  • How often do you get moody or irritated?

    Your body can handle experiencing irritability or mood imbalances weekly. Still, it is best to deal with this now before it becomes more frequent. Identify the trigger that makes you moody or irritated and use controlled breathing to exhale out the stress and so you can literally take a step back and move out of that energy which is creating a moody response.

    If you feel it is hard to control your mood, then you can add into your diet 2 Adrenal Stress Complex Capsules & 2 Brain Support Capsules per day with breakfast.

    Diet is also key with your mood, so it is best to cut our sugar, alcohol gluten and dairy for one month and reduce caffeine to 1x per day maximum and see how you feel.

    A toxic liver and hormonal imbalances can also cause mood disorders, so you can easily have blood tests to check your levels and if you have a toxic lifestyle add in 2-4 Liver Support Capsules per day with meals or if you know your hormones are out of balance, take 2 Female Hormonal Balance with breakfast each day.

  • How often do you meditate or pray?

    Weekly prayer and mediation are creating a wonderful lifestyle habit that will serve your health and wellbeing longterm. Many of us live under high stress, so it's important to implement lifestyle habits that allow us to reflect and deal with the pressures of life. For you to truly live in balance, this needs to be a habit you do most days, even just for 20 minutes. Singing, prayer, meditation, gratitude and laughter is wonderful to reduce your stress levels and find your inner peace.

    It is important to start each day with meditation or prayer, so you practice being in a state of calm to think on purpose to bring your mind and body into a place of peace and healing.


To fast-track your health and get all you need from food, you can use some key supplements to support your immune system. It is possible to achieve this by eating the right food, but it is a major investment of time and money to ensure you get it right. High-quality, organic & pure whole-food supplements guarantee you get the right ingredients in the right form at the right time each day. Our founder, Simone Laubscher, PhD spent over 10 years formulating supplements for Rejuv and Welleco. The vitamin industry is a minefield, so we always suggest whole-food supplements from plants, not synthetic ones from a lab.

  • How often do you have low energy?

    Experiencing daily low energy suggest you need to do a detox and balance your blood sugar levels. This is not an optimum way to live and indicates poor health or lifestyle habits.

    If you are simply not getting enough sleep, you need to put in healthy boundaries so you can get the rest you need. If sleeping is difficult, use valerian root tincture or melatonin to train yourself to sleep better. If your partner constantly disturbs your sleep, then you must sleep in a different room 4 x week so you put good quality sleep in the sleep bank each week for otherwise your immune system will be compromised and you can invite disease

    Our Liver Cleanse Pack or Seasonal Cleanse Pack are ideal as fatigue often is a signal that your mind and body needs a spring clean.

  • Do use whole food supplements?

    Taking weekly supplements won't make a huge impact on your health, but it is a great start. Today's food does not contain the same amount of nutrients it used to (even if organic) due to over-farming and soil not containing the essential nutrients. As a result, most of us need 15 portions of fruit and seven portions of vegetables per day (not 5 like 10-20 years ago). To eat that much fruit and vegetables isn't easy. This is where whole food supplements are a great help.

    A great place to start is to add in whole-food Super Greens Powder or Sea & Soil Super Greens Capsules (if you don't like the flavour) and non-synthetic multivitamin/minerals such as our Immune Restore Capsules which give you added herbs and gut support for overall health and immune system. If you don't eat that many varied colours, it would also be beneficial to add in a supplement like our Antioxidant Complex to provide additional vitamins, minerals and herbs. Take 2 of each per day with meals.

  • Does your pee go bright yellow when you take your supplements?

    Synthetic vitamins make your urine come out bright yellow. Your body needs whole-food, non-synthetic vitamins and supplements for your health to benefit. is a free service from Rejuv Wellness © Rejuv Ltd 2020-2023 | Privacy Policy