Here is your one-page summary that identifies your current wellness and the next best steps towards your wellbeing. Based on your answers, we have determined what you need to remove, rebuild or restore to strengthen your weakest wellness pillars and reach long term wellbeing.



We know that there’s a lot to take in, but don’t worry – we’ll send you an email that includes a link to these results. Over the next few days, our founder, Simone Laubscher (PhD) will guide you through your Wellness Profile and unpack the Seven Pillars of Wellness.



Significant changes start with small steps. Do not try to change everything this week. Keep your Wellness Profile as a point of reference and decide on the one goal to focus on today. If it’s hard to choose, pick the one with the lowest score.

HINT: Values closer to the middle of the diagram indicates a weak pillar, the pillars with value around the edge of the diagram is your stronger pillars. All recommendations have one goal: to strengthen your health in each pillar of wellness. 



Your answers form the base for the advice and recommended supplements to strengthen your health. We have listed the top supplements for each pillar in a box at the end. We’re confident that you’ll see results with our supplements which is why we’ll give you 20% discount off your first order. Spend £60 or more using the code PILLAR at checkout for a 20% DISCOUNT TODAY. 


Let’s start with your diagram to identify your weak pillars. 


Regular movement and exercise are not only great for your heart but your immune system too. Balance is the key for too little and too much exercise, due to free radical damage, can reduce your immune system.

  • How many times a week do you exercise?

    You need to get moving. A great place to start is walking. Simply start by walking 15 minutes from your home and walking back or incorporating a 30min walk 3 x week. Consistency is vital, and your aim should be to move every day. Your goal should be to exercise 3 times a week with a good balance of fitness, strength and core/pilates. Finding a type of exercise you enjoy will make it easier to sustain.

  • How many times a week do you do core/strength exercise?

    Try to find a way to strengthen your core 1-2 times per week to get a good balance of cardio/fitness, core/strength and core/pilates. Some examples of fun core exercises could be paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking, cross-country skiing or trampoline jumping.

  • How many times a week do you do cardio/fitness exercise?

    You need to get moving. A great place to start is walking. Simply start by walking 15 minutes from your home and walking back or incorporating a 30min walk 3 x week. Other ideas include dancing, rope jumping, boxing, running, cycling, rowing or rollerblading. Consistency is key, and your aim should be to move every day.


Poor quality or limited amount sleep on a regular basis is linked to poor immune function. If you have a short season over a few weeks of reduced sleep due to work and life demands then that will not be a problem if you have a healthy immune system. Deprived sleep over months and years, however, is something you need to address proactively to support this wellness pillar.

  • How long does it normally take you to fall asleep?

    Falling asleep in under 10 minutes is good, to improve your evening routine further, try the WelleCo Sleep Welle Tea or our free Rejuv Moon Milk Recipe.

  • How many times do you wake up an average night?

    Your sleep is seriously disrupted. Waking up more than 5 times at night is not healthy.

    Keep a notepad next to your bed to park the thoughts that keep you awake at night (link to sleep blog). Avoid picking up your phone or watching TV when you wake up. Read a book or listen to an audiobook instead to drift off to sleep.

    Drink some WelleCo Sleep Welle Tea or the Rejuv Moon Milk Recipe 30 minutes before you go to bed.

    Take 3 Rejuv Cherry Iron Calm Capsules and 3-5ml Valerian Root Tincture in water (experiment your dose of Valerian Root Tincture you'll feel tired in the morning if you take too much for your system).

  • How many times per week do you wake up feeling tired in the morning?

    You need to review your diet and detox or cleanse your body system. Cut complex carbs after 5pm - no rice, bread, potato or pasta after 5pm and swap these out for quinoa, cauliflower rice, sweet potato, pumpkin & other root veggies.

    Also, add in 2 Antioxidant Capsules & 2 Immune Restore Capsules per day just before food - always keep 1 hour away from coffee.

  • How often do you get hot flushes an average night?

    Remove all non-organic meat & dairy to limit hormones and cut down on your sugar intake.

    Take 2 of our Female Hormonal Balance per day with breakfast. This will help you experience less hot flushes.

Body Balance

Your skeletal and muscular systems are vital to your health and posture. They are like scaffolding or framework of a house and need to be intact to weather the storms of life. Your digestive, nervous and circulatory systems need to be clear and have enough space for all your organs to work effectively, prevent pain and support your overall health and immune system.

  • How often do you have digestive problems?

    Try to identify the trigger that causes your weekly digestive problems. If you have IBS or any gut problems related to eating gluten, dairy, sugar and fatty foods, even weekly will cause more problems. Stay off the trigger foods until your gut is healed and then add back in slowly.

    You can take 2 Digestive Support Capsules before any treat meal. If you have IBS symptoms each week, try our protocols that come with the 30 Day Health Reset Pack or Digestive Cleanse Pack to gain control of your digestive problems.

  • How often do you have food cravings?

    Daily food cravings indicate that your blood sugar levels are out of balance. Try to identify the trigger for your cravings, distance yourself from the temptations and eat more protein such as fish and increase essential vegan fats such as avocado to balance our your blood sugar levels.

    If you are having cravings each day, take 2 Blood Sugar Support with breakfast & lunch. If you feel your appetite is out of control too take 2 Thermo Metabolic Support Capsules with breakfast. Many imbalances such as liver, hormones and gut issues can cause cravings, to overcome this follow the free protocol that comes with our Seasonal Cleanse Pack, 30 Day Health Reset Pack or Gut-Brain Reset Pack to rebalance your health. If this craving is more emotional, then sit with that feeling and allow the emotion to come to the surface so you can let it go. is a free service from Rejuv Wellness © Rejuv Ltd 2020 | Privacy Policy